What we can offer?

What we can offerSocial Value Cymru is a part of Mantell Gwynedd which supports the Third Sector in Gwynedd. Mantell Gwynedd is also a Social Value Partner to Social Value UK. We can provide support to measure and manage social value through advice and consultancy services for organisations in the third sector, public and private sectors across North Wales and beyond.

The service is led by Eleri Lloyd (Social Value Manager) a Social Value International Accredited Practitioner and can support you through the process of measuring and managing social value through to accreditation.


Stakeholders are people or organisations that experience change as a result of our activities or those who affect our activities. The first principle of social value is to involve stakeholders, and without involving our stakeholders how can we be sure what changes they’ve experience and what needs to be measured and managed.

We can work with your organisations to help you to identify who your stakeholders are and who should be included in any analysis. We can engage with your stakeholders using both qualitative and quantitative data collecting methods and provide you with key findings in a Theory of Change. A Theory of Change is a tool that links your activities to outputs and outcomes experienced by stakeholders. Having this visual journey can help you to focus and plan your impact as an organisation and will help you to communicate with your stakeholders. Even if you don’t need a full evaluation of your work, engaging with your stakeholders and developing a Theory of Change will help you to ensure you are measuring the right outcomes.

If you are thinking of writing a social value assessment or looking to start building your own measurement framework to report on impact and would like some support, we offer a mentoring service. We can take you through the process step by step to ensure that you embed these principles in your organisation and that it measuring impact becomes part of the culture within the organisation.

Impact measurement and management (full SROI and social value evaluation service using the principles of social value.

With our dedicated team, we can work with you to help you measure and manage your social impacts by applying the principles of social value and social return on investment (SROI).
We at Social Value Cymru have experience of working with stakeholders to understand what has changed in their lives, and through active listening we will identify the range of important outcomes that your work helps to create for people and organisations. We are then able to value these important changes and provide forecast and/or evaluation assessments of the overall social value created.

We can help to support you at any stage of a project: from design and planning; during delivery, or at its’ conclusion. We would always work with you to understand your particular needs - below is a list of some of the particular services we can offer;

  • Planning your outcome measurement – understanding what to measure is important to ensuring that you can tell the story of your work;
  • Social value forecast measurements – we can measure and value the predicted social impacts of your work. Doing so can allow you to strengthen funding applications, and manage the social value created throughout the project;
  • Social value evaluation – measuring the social value created by a project as it progresses, or after its conclusion is essential to understanding the overall contribution of your work. This can strengthen subsequent projects and funding applications.
  • Setting up the necessary systems & processes to measure and manage social value – measuring social value as a project is being delivered provides you with the chance to learn what is working and where improvements can be made throughout the project
  • Social value evaluation – measuring the social value created by a project as it progresses, or after its conclusion is essential to understanding the overall contribution of your work. This can strengthen subsequent projects and funding applications.


“The evaluation carried out by Mantell Gwynedd has enabled us to provide evidence as to the social value and impact the Change Step project has on veterans, their families and the communities they live in. From a quality perspective it has also reassured us that the work we do has an impact not only from a financial perspective but also that it breeds confidence in our service provision and those who commission our service. As a third sector organisation, which is reliant on grant funding, this level of evaluation is essential for ongoing sustainability and developing new services. The customer care aspect demonstrated by Mantell Gwynedd was second to none and their grasp of our project from the outset was very impressive”
Geraint Jones, Director of Partnerships and Development for CAIS Cyf.

Read the CAIS report by clicking here

Social value is changing the way we behave as organisations through our practices and supply chain management. We can help you to develop a social value policy and strategy in order to respond to your stakeholder needs and ensure that you maximise your impact through all that you do. As well as helping you to develop these strategies we can ensure you have the right tools and training to put this strategy into practice.


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