Social Value Forum

Part 2, Section 16 of the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014 places a duty upon Welsh local authorities, with local health board partners, to: “establish regional forums to support social value based providers to develop a shared understanding of the common agenda, and to share and develop good practice. The aim of this forum is to encourage a flourishing social value sector which is able and willing to fulfil service delivery opportunities.”

In summary the Act requires a local authority to promote:

a) The development in its area of social enterprises to provide care and support and preventative services;

b) The development in its area of co-operative organisations or arrangements to provide care and support and preventative services;

c) The involvement of persons for whom care and support or preventative service are to be provided in the design and operation of that provision;

d) The availability in its area of care and support and preventative services from third sector organisations (whether or not the organisations are social enterprises or co-operative organisations).

The North Wales Social Care and Well-being Improvement Collaborative includes the six local authorities in North Wales, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and other partners. The aim is to improve services, make the most of the resources available, reduce duplication and make services more consistent across North Wales.

The social value forum includes people from the third, independent and statutory sector services who are exploring how to promote social value in public services. Mantell Gwynedd staff sits on the Social Value Forum Steering Group, and the aim is that every local authority will have a social value forum.

The working definition of ‘social value’ from the Social Value Forum is here.

Social Value Forum Progress Report

Social Value Forum Progress Report 2019 - click here