Social Value – Why bother?

On the 9th October 2019 the Social Value Cymru conference was held in the Conwy Business Centre. Social Value Cymru is led by Mantell Gwynedd and works in partnership with AVOW, FLVC, Medrwn Môn, CVSC and DVSC to support third sector organisations to embed social value within their organisations, and how social value data can inform their decision making. The project works with 25 organisations who all deliver services in north Wales.

This event was organised in partnership with the North Wales Social Value Forum Steering Group that was set up in response to Section 16 of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. This act places a duty upon local authorities (with partners) to promote the development of not for profit organisations to provide care and support services and preventative services.

The supporting Code of Practice in relation to this duty requires local authorities, with health board partners, to establish regional forums to support social value-based providers and to develop a shared understanding of the common agenda and develop good practice.