Support for Organisations

The Gwynedd Volunteer Centre offers a special service to organisations and groups that depend on volunteers to help run and develop their services.
Is your group or organisation -

  • Looking for volunteers to help run your service from day to day?
  • Recruiting new volunteers on a regular basis?
  • Looking for information on good practice for involving volunteers?
  • Hoping to involve volunteers - but not sure what to do next?

By registering with the Volunteer Centre you can take advantage of the following services -

  • You can include your volunteering opportunity on the successful website - for no charge. To ensure that the details of your volunteering opportunity(ies) are correct and up-to-date, we ask organisations to register their opportunities with us by completing and returning the Volunteering Opportunity Registration Form
  • Make good use of the Library and Information Sheets that are here for you. Find useful information on a variety of topics relating to volunteering e.g. compiling a Volunteering Policy, How to recruit volunteers successfully, compiling a Volunteers Handbook, Volunteering and Young people etc.
  • Be part of the "Volunteer Organisers' Network" to find out about the latest information regarding volunteering and to exchange experiences and ideas.
  • Receive invitations to attend activities organised by the Volunteer Centre e.g. events organised to celebrate 'Volunteers' Week' every year; presentations, visits to schools; join us on our travelling information stall visiting the streets in Gwynedd's towns and villages with the aim of encouraging more people to come forward to volunteer.
  • Take advantage of the free training that we organise especially for volunteers on a range of subjects such as First Aid, Communication skills, Assertiveness skills etc.

Investing in Volunteers

Proud of the way you treat your volunteers?
Want to be recognised for good practice?
Would like a check-over on your procedures for volunteers?

Then apply for the Investing in Volunteers Quality Mark:
Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for all organisations which involve volunteers in their work. The Standard enables organisations to comprehensively review their volunteer management, and also publicly demonstrates their commitment to volunteering.

The assessment examines 4 areas;

  • Planning for Volunteer Involvement
  • Recruiting Volunteer
  • Selecting & Matching Volunteers
  • Supporting & Retaining Volunteers

The process has been broken down into 10 easy steps and guidance materials, information & advice are available from the WCVA website, as well as from an assigned assessor.